The Impacting Sports Movement: Creating a Golden Generation of Athletes

Impacting Sports is a sports marketing consultancy based in Florence, Italy and Dubai, UAE, that is focused on cultivating a movement to promote sports around the world.  We pride ourselves in collaborating with committed athletes by utilizing a win-win mentality to establish mutually beneficial and sustainable relationships with our clientele.

Published on 18/05/2019 , Written By: Kirsten Kaiser .

We support all dedicated athletes, with a particular focus on the ones who do not receive the recognition that we believe they deserve for their exceptional skills and accomplishments.  These athletes are ones who compete in sports that are often marginalized in our present-day society or ones who compete in regions such as the Middle East where less popular sports are not deemed a profession.  The Impacting Sports Movement aims to establish a new golden generation of athletes who are recognized for their diligent hard work and ardent commitment.


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Athletic Business Model

We intend to promote this new generation of athletes by offering our clients a myriad of valuable services that will elevate them above and beyond their competitors.  First off, we will formulate a personal Athletic Business Model that is individually created to suit your every need.  By designing this business model, we will have an exact plan that outlines how Impacting Sports will help you to achieve your ambitious goals as well as how to contribute to your astonishing success in your athletic career.


Athletic Strategic Branding

Impacting Sports will additionally provide you with Athletic Strategic Branding, which is a service that will bolster your personal image.  This benefit of our company is a method that attracts potential sponsors by clearly demonstrating your integrity and humility in an environment outside of athletic competition.


Visual Image Branding

Furthermore, Impacting Sports is able to provide you with a variety of different forms of Visual Image Branding through our talented videography and photography teams.  Our teams are able to equip you with film and video making, including post production in order to bolster your image online and endorse upcoming competitions.


Athletic Digital Marketing

Similarly, our Athletic Digital Marketing team will promote your athletic prowess by developing your website and managing your social media in a way that depicts your athletic career in the best possible light.  Your enhanced digital presence will immensely increase your following and influence online, which is increasingly important in this digital age.


Sponsorship Management

Once all these services supply you with a devoted fan base, your marketing value will increase tremendously, which generates an interest from sponsors.  Our team offers exemplary Sponsorship Management, which entails identifying the best possible sponsors and negotiating deals that are mutually profitable.


All of our services are clearly proven to be profoundly successful through the experiences of two remarkably exceptional fighters: Malik Zinad and Jarrah Al Silawi.


Malik Zinad was born on November 19, 1993 in Tripoli, Libya, a country where boxing had been banned since the 1970s.  This ban on boxing was not enough to extinguish Malik’s fiery passion for the sport that he would soon excel in.  Malik’s father was a former boxer and secretly taught his son the sport in the basement of their home.  Ever since his father introduced him to boxing, Malik has been committed to becoming a World Champion.

Since then, the 25-year-old has fought his way through the European Boxing League, rising up to rank 50th out of 1132 participants, and has secured the WBF International Light Heavyweight Champion title.  Malik has also accumulated the incredibly impressive record of 13 victories, 12 knock outs, and 0 defeats to establish himself as a formidable opponent in the ring.



Malik’s insistence to pursue the sport he loves, regardless of the law was one of many admirable characteristics that attracted Impacting Sports to the Libyan boxer.  Malik Zinad has had the longest relationship with Impacting Sports than any other sponsored athlete and the collaboration has been enormously beneficial for both parties.  Impacting Sports has established Malik’s brand identity through developing Malik’s personal logo, designing his website, organizing photo shoots, creating promotional videos and more.  Working with Impacting Sports for a mere two years has escalated his Instagram online following to over 26,800 people.  His humbleness and integrity outside of the boxing ring is also emphasized by Impacting Sports through his adoption of social responsibility campaigns.  Specifically, Malik partakes in anti-bullying campaigns in order to help those less fortunate than himself.



An additional aspect of Malik’s career that Impacting Sports initiated was the depiction of Malik as a national idol to lead a new generation of Libyan boxers.  Malik had a desire to excel to the highest level as a boxer, regardless of the common ideology in Arabic culture that sports are merely a hobby.  This misconception did not sway Malik’s appetite for glory, and he has become the only Libyan boxer to compete outside of his country, serving as an inspiration to all Middle Eastern athletes.


Jarrah “The Jordanian Lion” Al Silawi is another fierce competitor that Impacting Sports has had the pleasure of sponsoring.  Jarrah Al Silawi is notably the number 1 fighter out of the 118 actives in the Middle East Pro Division.  Even more impressive, he is currently the Brave Combat Federation welterweight champion of the world after dominating the defending world champion by a technical knockout in the first round of the fight.  The Jordanian Lion has compiled a noteworthy record of 13-2 and is currently on an imposing 8-win streak.



Similar to Malik Zinad, Jarrah has become a beacon of hope for the sporting world in Arabic culture.  The Jordanian Lion was the first ever champion of the Brave Combat Federation from the Middle East.  Not only has he become the first Middle Eastern champion, but he has also requested that the Brave Combat Federation travel to his home country Jordan.  The introduction of a fighting league within Jordan marks a monumental step in the journey to modernize Arabic culture’s perception on sports.


Jarrah’s persistence to push past antiquated Middle Eastern beliefs that sports are simply hobbies is inspirational and Impacting Sports is determined to assist him in any way that we can.  Impacting Sports developed Jarrah’s brand by forming his graphic logo, constructing his website, managing his social media, and utilizing our visual image branding to promote him.  Through our valuable services, Jarrah has been able to soar above and beyond all expectations to become the best MMA fighter in the Middle East.


Malik and Jarrah’s rapidly rising success could soon be your own!


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